“We’ve spent the last 153 years building warehouses, we just called them stores”  (Peter Sachse, Macy’s).

Since 2000, the use of internet has changed the way business is conducted globally, especially in the retail industry. As e-commerce changes the retail industry fundamentally, it is having a tremendous impact on the use of industrial facilities that serve this trade. Products are being shipped through properties that are equipped for a high flow of goods, to handle, process and ship products in a speedy flow and are referred to as high flow through facilities.

Changing consumer behavior is having a profound impact on the way products and services are being handled by retailers and logistics service providers, making the combination of location & building vital to their business performance. e-Commerce growth leads to a reconfiguration of supply chains, with a tremendous impact on the need and use of logistics facilities.

Wallstone Capital understands that the altering logistics landscape demonstrated via the growth of e-Commerce, new infrastructure and digital technology is reforming retail. Therefore, new logistics properties are needed to match these changing requirements to serve the consumer as well as retailers especially in logistics in-fill locations and transportation corridors in metropolitan regions, airports and ports.

Wallstone Capital: an Independent Investment Advisory Firm

  • We sincerely believe that in today’s global business environment its vital to learn from one another to improve understanding and avoid a mismatch of expectations, thus Wallstone Capital operates under core values: transparency, integrity, quality and accountability.
  • We service investors who are desirous to invest directly in European logistics real estate.
  • We have a competitive edge for our clients due to our accumulated international institutional logistics real estate experience combined with a proven track record and adaptability in different social, cultural and business environments.
  • We offer Investment Advisory, Development and Property Management service.
  • We operate with experienced medium-sized developers and property management companies in European markets.
  • We have in-depth market knowledge, customer relationships and ability to source predominantly off-market product across Europe.
“..E-commerce and commerce are merging and stores will need a technology driven just-in-time model to compete, resulting in retailers having a smaller store footprint and inventory center & distribution center will become more of that footprint to serve the customer fast from a multi-model location within an urban setting”, eBay, 2014.