“Serving the needs of others is the only legitimate business” (Amadeo Giannini, founder Bank of America).  

Value Proposition for Investors

  • Benefit from professional service for investors who are desirous to own and manage properties directly instead of holding a minority share in funds or with multi sector investment managers.
  • Cooperate with logistics specialists capable to source and execute predominantly off-market capital transactions, developments, and consequently manage and operate properties.
  • Select investments benefiting from long-term capital appreciation based on continued growth of e-Commerce, retail logistics and attractiveness of logistics as institutional asset class.
  • Active customer & property services to optimize returns and improve operating margins.
  • Understand how customers utilize their property enabling retention and increase asset performance.
  • Focus on logistics in-fill locations, transportation corridors, metropolitan regions, sea ports and airports.
  • Target high-flow logistics facilities fueled by e-Commerce and driving retail growth, high value FMCG’s, benefiting from continued demand, longer leases, higher rents, rental growth potential, high customer investments, and higher and better alternative use potential.

Value Proposition for Logistics Customers

  • With the changing logistics landscape fueled by the growth of e-Commerce and the need for better integration of logistics networks to serve B2B and B2C needs, there is a growing need for high flow through facilities in logistics in-fill locations in metropolitan regions, airports and ports.
  • Wallstone Capital to act as a partner to logistics customers providing solutions to optimize their supply chain network with adequate facilities. 


Development rationale

  • Local development partners to execute projects in several European markets, like Benelux, Germany, France.
  • Investor to engage and benefit early in developments to secure properties and logistics customers on the lease.
  • Wallstone Capital is able to co-invest, coordinate & supervise projects on behalf of its client.

To date we cooperate and work with partners complimenting our full range of integrated services offering

  • Sourcing for Development and Acquisitions with focus on Benelux, Germany and France
  • Due Diligence assistance and guidance of execution
  • Access to Development Partners